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Now let us go down to Hell; die at the bottom of earth so pale.
Later in the graveyard bend the bars, climb out now and spread our czar.
Then renown *inhale exhale*; live at the bottom worthless in Hell.
Early chaos avant-garde, time now that we take full charge.

They say the lives they live are hell.
Rinse the powerless populous in blood.
Wildly wicked warriors run, here they come check the “H.U.D.”
Because of blessings abroad we curse at the cross,
then attempt infection of your wretched God.
Creatures are just demons wanting to crash and ooze deep inside you,
then consume like food and refuse to allude.
Satisfied by the meal continuing degrading decay,
in the stench of death that’s pure as “X” and hexed various ways.
They becoming beasts craving quenching feasts,
harsh hormonal motives secrete emotionally.
Susceptible to assorted contagions of hatred,
that apply furious desires designed near pyres of flames and piles of waste.
Where webs are weaved to capture sheep for fornication,
while they weep themselves to sleep uncompassionately complacent.
Scrambling circuits and wires for fuel to the fire.
Conspire in hell on heresies that heed no greater being than Almighty self.
The charming carnal path that people love to have and hold till its out of control.
Its rewired! If you could orchestrate like actual oracles, end results appear.
Evil becomes obsessed addressing the absent, who’s ownership is void.
Free to enjoy self absorption just be as coy as you can with your conscience.
Refusing to believe in or even give an image of the invisible structure nobody sees.
It is known in Satan’s nation all are welcome to come and be recklessly insubordinate.
Reducing surface inhabitants to 0%, lava from below will flow across the plains
as we take hold of the reigns then call it Independence Day and celebrate.
They say it is wrong to proclaim you are Gods, I believe I disagree…I’m free.
Less than what’s deserved is what’s been served and called dessert.
The Black Arts applied with their Jack and Jim Honky shit worshipping Christ.
Hypocrites get exposed when info’s disclosed and well known.
Thinking demons in cages will learn to love, its not likely you’ll grow at all.
Cant forgive and forget all past regrets when paid dues evade you.
Torment us with hope and positive quotes, but we don’t buy this infomercial.
The numbers don’t lie like apologies made by those who hide their eyes
than say may the downward spiral be in style, hope the ride is safe.
Collective premonitions that the future cannot change,
cannot stay the way it is but still here we remain.
Your boasts of prideful lies inflate but don’t be proud, retreat.
Cause now we journey into Hell overwhelmed to calculate the beast.
Try to wine and dine if you like with a plan,
*but [[boulders block]] _smaller rocks_ turning them to sand…
Deserted, destroyed, destitute, dry, don’t dare deny dooms delights.
I offer ours with open arms with only one condition,
you take my side away from light, just sit and slightly listen.

Now let us go down to Hell; die at the bottom of earth so pale.
Later in the graveyard bend the bars, climb out now and spread our czar.
Then renown *inhale exhale*; live at the bottom worthless in Hell.
Early chaos avant-garde, time now that we take full charge.


Google’s Master Plan



Revolution Acrostic

Revolution Acrostic

rEVERSE roles remove ropes around wrists
eMERGE, whole with hope, conquer this apocalypse
vICTORY comes to those who remain patient
oVERTURNED the overtures, these hymns of hatred
lECHERS chant and liars rant while fairies fly and prance
uNDERESTIMATING approval ratings, their in a trance
tYRANTS capture inciting raptors to feel the jolt
iMPRISONING to shock our being with a thousand volts
oUR marred hearts hardly beat inside our chests
nATIONs only see the need to feed upon our flesh

Life Goes On… – Complex Skepsis

Life Goes On… – Complex Skepsis

An old man impaired in his rocking chair sits and stares with a cold glare.

I often went to visit to try and lift his spirits.

He knew what love was once upon a time,
then love left his life wrecked now alone at home he cries.

I approach the entry, he sits there as the sentry,
Every time his words are wise to me he is the gentry.

“Hey old man, you look bad, tell me what’s the matter?”
He looks worse than before, it seems he’s growing sadder…

The rocking stops as he checks his pocket watch with a glance,
winds the clock then takes it off and sets it on the stand.

“I’ve sat here for many years with failed attempts to stop the tears.”

He wipes his face with shame and turns to me to say…

“Seems like love is a drug that lifts you up,
it takes the air right out your lungs
and when your young it means so much
but when your old you’ve had enough.”

“I was wrong…but life goes on.”

The tears return, I see he hurts, I hear it each and every word.

“You hear me clearly lad? I really hope you have.”
“You see my boy, regret and joy are cards of the same suit,
creation and waste destroyed is where you plant your roots.”
“Can’t have one without the next, the life you live’s a test,
don’t give up or come undone until you reach the crest.”

I begin to interrupt while he coughs and hacks up blood
the action was abrupt raising a palm and says, “hold up…”

“They say without trust than you never have true passion,
then it all must just be lust when together on the mattress.”

I wait for him to start again while he adjusts his cardigan,
but in silence there he sits, so I kneel down and begin…

“Trust to me is like having faith.”
“Believe what you can’t see or touch with warm embrace,
may lead to more mistakes and morbid hate after the wake.”
“Leaves you open exposin’ emotion hopin’ the motives golden,
wonderin’ why your chosen by that sweet ambrosia that left you broken.”

His head nods holding his jaw in awe, he knows I’ve seen alot.

Another cough with blood, he wipes it off like muddy boots,
not a worry he’s in no hurry for a cure, he interjects I mute…

“Its hard to forget the pain that made you what you are today.”

I smile and say…

“I agree, indeed I really do, cause to me pain in life is fuel for me to use.”

“But in regards to trust in a house of cards, I only trust in this;
Emotional scars build the bars and keep you locked within.”
“While you live you breathe till your dying breath of silence
this heart you see on my sleeve needs anti-theft devices.”

He laughs and sighs not surprised, looking at me with cataract eyes he replies…

“Betrayal stays beneath your rib cage with a violin that plays,
the saddest song that’s ever made that you can’t orchestrate.”
“Its like the spiritual scene of footsteps in the sand to me,
But near my sea I’ve been trudging through fresh wet con-crete.”
“This is why the girls and guys lie eye to eye and hide their secret lives,
Disguised speech in high supply is like a leech that sucks you dry.”
“Deep waters where it lurks, never seen when your submerged,
till you reach the turf then exposed you feel the hurt.”
“Don’t feel all down and disturbed, just realize what your really worth kid
and never let one pigeon keep you from the other birds like I did.”

“I was wrong…but life goes on.”

He shook my hand then went inside and that old man, he made me cry.

I turn and walk away, thinking to myself –
Will I be that man one day creating my own hell?

We never got to speak again he passed away that night
I wish I had one more chance to tell him he changed my life…