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Charred Incinerations – COMPLEX SKEPSIS

Charred Incinerations – COMPLEX SKEPSIS

Charred Incinerations

Charred Incinerations

*(W)- Wrap your mind around it, you’ll be astounded and Dumb Found Dead…
*(H)- Hounded by the whines and growlin’ inside your own H.E.A.D.
*( I )- Incendiaries and infrared beam cherries from kevlar guards,
*(T)- Tearing apart various charts, blaring bullhorn charm.
*(E)- Eloping with the matron demon female seeking excretion sauce…*{ggoodd}*

*(U)- Unconstitutionally
*(S)- Signed
*(E)- Enterprise

Political TERM-inators filing papers in skyscrapers
scratch their temples, hit the stapler, manila folders, vanilla wafers

Micro-fabrication of mans massed produce new spaceships,
in needle tips under your skin, now get more E-viL greedy bitch…

Lust it, love it…live it…make it part of our religion to get rich
Kiss, hug, hump and fuck it we’ll make room in the budget for this, SSHHIITT.

three (*X’ s)<- at the end, triple (*E)<- between, then (*S)<-
<-<- Reverse <-<- the text its what you get,
now we both make a mess…(  +  ) <==8

But its unconventional, not particular
multidimensional, not testicular…
Its The Mind Fuck…H.E.A.D. games…
depictions of the sinners,
who take their tourist pictures and frame them in the splinters….

Intellectual mongoloids, a void of fact -all fiction
reaching out to see inside seems to be the contradiction…

in the reach of arms, we reach for stars,
displayin’ our archaic flaws…
we’re all frauds compared to +GOD+.
conviction of “Icarus” dropped…

Use Your H.E.A.D

*(H) Humans…

intolerant of unexplainable knowledge,
neglecting the collective conscience……stupid.

*(E) Earth…

charred incinerations,
bathing in a bloodstained fragrance……cursed.

*(A) Actions…

benefactors brag and bend the fractal,
linkin’ extinction to TERROR-dactyls……tactics.

*(D) Destroy…

aggrandize your franchise to wondering eyes,
recruit for your troop new parachutes to **poof……deploy.


Picket Signs – Complex Skepsis

Picket Signs – Complex Skepsis

i used to be the type of guy holdin picket signs
protest the war and roar aloud “its all oil and lies”
i thought i knew the truth with my very narrow view
“dont trust the news their only tools here to parry you”
i lived this way for quite a spell consumed and overwhelmed
at the helm of my own hell it was where i dwelled
it was what i thought puttin the barrel of a glock to my TEMPLE
will i pop from a paranoid plot, or increase the tempo?
then my kinfolk joined waiting to be deployed to destroy
somebodies baby girl or boy, i was so annoyed
when he was employed then i realized that the lack of joy
beings overseas felt”whats the deal, is it the real McCoy?”
“why would you kill someone else? sent by the dude from illinois
OBAMA, punctuation changed enter in a comma, then asterix
ask yourself this; “why should we stand for this shit lets move ahead and take the risk”
dont call it occupation, call it makin’ a blatant statement, then engage it
somebody had to do it, lack of movement time was wastin’ lives erasin’
and if the worlds a stage we came first to play in the “sandbox” home of the brave
but not the lowest or slowest paid slaves debating which way to turn the blade
its up to us to give fuck it seems that no one else here does
evil mens thirst for bursting blood is what gets it to run
cant let the world become a red river that floods
or anything left after death… becomes a landslide of mud