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Conversation of Genocide – COMPLEX SKEPSIS

Torn from a normal life, thorns inside and forced to walk in lines.
In multitudes the Jews among others become destitute.
Desolation so wide spread this abomination consumes nations.
Is there not one single sympathetic soul that controls containment?
(:^(    “Sir, please help, sir? Can you spare some water and a few kind words?”
]:^o)  “Close your mouth and stay in line, keep marching towards your genocide!”
nauseating & grotesque

S.  Shipped in boxcar trains
O.  Obedientiary slaves
S.  Stripped of everything


H.  Habromania sets in when we try to lift our chins.
E.  Expansive imaginations create this atrocity
L.  Lallation loose enough as an excuse for the lapidated.
P.  Pabulum to my palette please, before I stave to death…
(:^(    “I am no less human than any of you, why must you do this to the Jews?”
]:^o)   “Dont be a fool and figure it out or you’ll get my gun barrel put in your mouth!”
morally reprehensible detestable and cruel

Removing clothes and all they own, left with less than stamps
pillage possessions and burning homes and now we’re off to camp
Assorted piles of clothing styles, proper and not fer tramps
packed up and taken back to be resold as we walk up the ramps
(:^(   “What will I wear? Its cold in here, the temp is low and so severe.”
]:^o)  “You don’t seem to learn to quick, how ’bout a reminder from my nightstick!?”
heinous & ineffable delectable to their libidos

They stand in groups afraid to move, then they pray the release date day is soon
worried that some one will shoot they dare not `stew` -their de-nied food
They gather close thin as ghosts that spin, twist and float
Sets and rows of hollow souls who will drowned in the moat
(:^(    “When can we go? We’ve all got homes we own to host, dont mean to boast.”
]:^o)   “No need to worry, I bet their burning, now concern your self with silent learning!”
unequivocal understanding

Their fellow Jew to frail to move, decrepit wretched dying shrew.
Their doomed except for a select few without room to improve.
True gloom sets in as socket s sink back, skin pulls in as dockets relax.
The new Tomb opens, unsecure the latch, no need to turn around now, no turning back.

(8^(    “We can barely walk or talk in `ShOcK`, and badly need some sandals boss.”
]B^0) “Then its as it should be, this isnt murder these are orders from the worlds new “Fuhrer”
offensively malodorous eternal bog of stench

Stacked on racks or wagons up in smoke ~We Chase The Dragon~
Enduring all this havoc they’ve ruined all our chances
Entranced in the enchantment caught in its entrapment
Necro-Prose imposed consequential collateral damage

(8^O)  “What is it that we’ve done to be shunned and on this end of the gun?”
]B^O)  “Your who you are and that’s enough, sit down now and SHUT THE FUCK UP!”
subliminally dysphemistic, offensive and devilishly delicious

Generations of Jewish patrons lie in gutters with their fates stationed.
Fixed in permanent placement the ferver of vermin invade to rape it.
Such a flagrant fragrance fascists seem to favor tastin’
Extermination of your race…  its flavor sweetly basted.

(X^O)   “………………….”
]B^[ ])    “Ha HA Ha HA”
deplorable malefactors… the whitlow of back scratchers




Revolution Acrostic

Revolution Acrostic

rEVERSE roles remove ropes around wrists
eMERGE, whole with hope, conquer this apocalypse
vICTORY comes to those who remain patient
oVERTURNED the overtures, these hymns of hatred
lECHERS chant and liars rant while fairies fly and prance
uNDERESTIMATING approval ratings, their in a trance
tYRANTS capture inciting raptors to feel the jolt
iMPRISONING to shock our being with a thousand volts
oUR marred hearts hardly beat inside our chests
nATIONs only see the need to feed upon our flesh

Picket Signs – Complex Skepsis

Picket Signs – Complex Skepsis

i used to be the type of guy holdin picket signs
protest the war and roar aloud “its all oil and lies”
i thought i knew the truth with my very narrow view
“dont trust the news their only tools here to parry you”
i lived this way for quite a spell consumed and overwhelmed
at the helm of my own hell it was where i dwelled
it was what i thought puttin the barrel of a glock to my TEMPLE
will i pop from a paranoid plot, or increase the tempo?
then my kinfolk joined waiting to be deployed to destroy
somebodies baby girl or boy, i was so annoyed
when he was employed then i realized that the lack of joy
beings overseas felt”whats the deal, is it the real McCoy?”
“why would you kill someone else? sent by the dude from illinois
OBAMA, punctuation changed enter in a comma, then asterix
ask yourself this; “why should we stand for this shit lets move ahead and take the risk”
dont call it occupation, call it makin’ a blatant statement, then engage it
somebody had to do it, lack of movement time was wastin’ lives erasin’
and if the worlds a stage we came first to play in the “sandbox” home of the brave
but not the lowest or slowest paid slaves debating which way to turn the blade
its up to us to give fuck it seems that no one else here does
evil mens thirst for bursting blood is what gets it to run
cant let the world become a red river that floods
or anything left after death… becomes a landslide of mud