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Martyrs for Darfur by Complex Skepsis

Martyrs for Darfur by Complex Skepsis

Breeding martyrs in Darfur to cut the strings off of puppets.
Cutting currency to barter makes you live with less than nothin’.
Now that this elections comin’ get set for an abduction,
Every heart thats hardened stares into the face of this corruption

Some may call it genocide, some may call it lies,
But theres simply something sick to see when you look into their eyes.
So look past whats advertised, realize that alls not fine,
Lines and walls we draw and build to keep our kills disguised.

The Sudanese funded the Janjaweed budget,
“The Devils on Horseback” a case of -whodunit?
As we slowly approach the end of slopes to the summit,
We reach the peak and now can see who seeks the golden nuggets.

These Crimes Against Humanity are vanity, thats pride,
Uncannily they starve the beings, they burn, curl up and die.
Unnerved by this type of learning curve this skirmish worsens lives,
They warp your mind and thin your blood, no relatives in sight.

The 2012 Quagmire – Ibrahim Edu & Complex Skepsis

The 2012 Quagmire – Ibrahim Edu & Complex Skepsis


We have all heard the drivel of 2012,
how something fell…
or solar swells, a planet X heading towards where we dwell
we all hyped up like meth addicts on a binge…
Was it God in Heavens henchmen
that brought to us this hell?
Or was the reason behind it simply science?
So now it seems that we’re compelled
to over analyze and scrutinize
the shapes and size as well…
We’ve all heard the rhetoric and the evidence is thin
we all ask when the world ends and if it begins again
yet the difference in it is we may not be here to see it
or currupt its sandy beaches with our touch of toxic secrets
or will we…?
Now lets look back at the (Carrington Event) to be convinced
when the sun was flaring up a bit wearing down the grid
1859 was the worst ever recorded and it paints a morbid portrait
now it seems sort of sordid when sorted out by the corporate
back in the infancy of technological advancement
telegraphs felt the impact, they crashed around the planet…
What would happen in our day and age?
will it be another chapter, or the end of every page?
Geomagnetics on the offensive, we’re defenseless against it
spiritually starved staring up at the stars, will we live to regret this?

Ibrahim Edu @ (click here)

Occurrences way disastrous than tremors & quakes
Where the intensity not detectable on a Richter scale
Is this a genuine prophecy from Michele de Nostredame?
or a superstition as the adamant mind may claim
2012!!! a re-enactment of 1859
on the verge of extinction…..befalls the sands of time
humans fidget on fragmentation…..what becomes of mankind?
Will we grace this blast and live to broadcast its outcome?
Why does the earth got to tremble at every solar maximum?
maybe its a shortcut to hell…..e’en though my destination is God’s kingdom
the hypothesis keeps springing about the atmosphere losing ozone
now,its another cremation from the volcanic yellow stone…
transforming the world into a twilight zone
we were told about the Nibiru trying to dispose the earth
of its position,thereby, causing planetary damnation…
guess the universe would be peaceful if the milky way had jurisdiction
While researches display the galactic alignment as foretold by the Mayans & free masonry
immortality we crave, from ancient astronomy
so explorations on sinister boycott resulted in some futile heuristics
Our hands raised high(to the divine)
cos we don’t want to go extinct like old prints of past beasts
All these could be exaggerations to catalyze our heartbeats
Definitely,we will be calm & wait for the reality.

Hip Hop’s Suicide – COMPLEX SKEPSIS

Hip Hop’s Suicide

Empiricism in lyricism sometime comes to cataclysms.

Everyday cliche things that we say exclaimed and paraded can be lame.

Mainstream puppets like to evaluate like they in a vegetative state.

If hiphop died, thats in their eyes, we got never ending power supplies.

Here’s the equation:

Money + Greed + Flashy Things = Evil Beings Awaiting Catastrophe.

Experimental methods to dissect it quicken,

fail if your frail get gut wrenching sickness.

You can package anthrax but inside its still deadly,

so label the culture, the vultures are ready.

Out to get CAKE and make a buck more,

weave between snakes then settle for (3.14)

Two vector spaces with the addition of multiplication.

Population homeomorphism’s create indoctrination.

Its a fragile fractal yet consistent in every way,

cause when offered dollars most would play for pay and fade away.

Its like putting a slit in your wrist then wonder why your bleeding.

Like wanting direction in your life when you only stare at ceilings.

Its like being called a racist term then being the epitome.

Like concurring for a minute then before you listen disagree.

I subtract myself from most brands of wealth, I don’t need that much.

I just need to breathe and eat just give me an even equal cut.

If I sold this art that I’ve been given to make a living,

I’d be one of the parasites an idle idol liar with fake image.